Letter from Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Survivor

- Tomiko Morimoto West

As a Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Survivor, I feel that I like to voice my opinion about the nuclear wars that kills so many innocent people, such as my whole family whom I needed desperately at age of 13 years old. I had to say Good Bye to my mother that morning of August 6th 1945, not knowing that would be the last time I would ever see her.

We, my grand parents and I, had to live in the cave since we had no place to go. My grandfather died from the wounds that was sustained when our house fell down when Atomic Bomb fell. I don't feel that is right to make innocent people suffer because of the war, especially nuclear wars.

I saw so many people were burned, skin dangling, Babies hanging on their dead mothers. This is only 1/10000 of the horrific scenes that I had seen. I must beg the world's leaders....Please work towards the WORLD'S PEACE. This will be my dying wish. Thank you.


Tomiko Morimoto West